Syndicat National des Producteurs d'Alcool Agricole


« Producers of Alcohol and Bioethanol»

The SNPAA (Société Nationale des Producteurs d’Alcool Agricole) is a society that brings together all the industrial manufacturers of agricultural alcohol in France. French production of alcohol from agricultural sources (cereal and beet) accounts for 25% of European output. Two thirds of French production is used by the biofuel (bioéthanol) market and the remaining third for classic uses in food, chemistry, pharmaceuticals and perfumery.

The aim of the SNPAA is to promote the professional interests of its members.

The French Syndicate of Manufacturers of Agricultural Alcohol represents a cutting-edge, high-performance industry, mindful of supplying clients with competitive, eco-friendly products including alcohol, dry grain and beet pulp and CO2 from fermentation captured for  food applications (CSDs).

The SNPAA leverages its expertise to conduct a range of actions:

  • Promoting and raising awareness of renewable ethanol from agricultural sources as well as all industry stakeholders, across France and Europe.
  • Conducting research on various themes and actions of use to the profession.
  • Determining the industry’s stance and implementing actions of general interest.
  • Representing the interests of agricultural alcohol manufacturers in professional and interprofessional organisations, both in France and abroad.